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Customer support
Have your back covered by our team
With our servicing package we will fulfill any of your desires and build effective email marketing for your product. Covered by Sendios servicing you don’t need to look for an email marketer or retention specialist as we will take care of everything, including:
Have your back covered by our team
Follow recommendations
Use Sendios recommendation system to send emails at the most convenient time for users and create engaging content they want to see.
Actively use a recommendation
RFM analysis
Get detailed analytics
User lifetime
Product metrics
Delivery reports
In addition to basic reports, receive personalized insights and recommendations to boost work efficiency.
Get precise analytics on your campaigns
Increase delivery rate & reputation
Cleaning addresses
Domain warm-up
Reputation tracking
Dedicated IP
The Sendios team has created all the conditions to increase your delivery rate and reputation. All of your clients will now get your emails.
Be sure all your emails find their way into inboxes
Create own content strategy
Email marketing
Create email campaigns, promotions, and newsletters that resonate with your users. Tailor your communication to offer what they're looking for.
Send exactly what your clients need
Personalized Algorithms
User Activity Algorithms
Everything you need for effective email marketing
Reputation & Delivery visibility
Detailed analytics and regular reporting
System of personalized recommendations
Email marketing automation
Personal account
Integration using SMTP, API, Webhook
Responsive drag-and-drop email builder
Personal Customer Success Manager
Easy integration with the tools you use for your business
AppsFlyer, Zapier and more 1000+ other
Build effective email marketing with Sendios
Your success matters to us
200,000+ emails every month
Online training and personal consultations
More than 30 best experts
Get our advanced tools, bring in more data and make better decisions with the help of the Sendios team.
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