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23 email marketing stats for 2021
The numbers are loud! Today, we will use these numbers to tell you why email marketing matters.

An email has evolved from a simple means of business communication to a marketing tool. In the previous article, we mentioned that users love emails. They use them for daily contact at work, online shopping, or setting up romantic dates. We also noticed that 72% of your customers prefer to receive promotional messages via email. If this fact is not convincing enough, then the number “347.3 billion emails” will motivate you to send your first campaign.

Below, we reveal the statistics that will make you believe in the power of email marketing.

General Stats About Email Usage

  1. The number of global email users accounted for 3.9 billion in 2019. This number is expexqcted to grow to 4.3 billion email users in 2023 (Statista).
  2. Users sent and xqreceived 293.6 billion emails daily in 2019. This number is going to grow to 347.3 billion emails in 2022 (Statista).
  3. 99% of consumers check their email every day (DMA Insights).
  4. 52% of responders say that email is their primary tool of communication.
These numbers display the scale of email usage nowadays. What’s even more important, the value of a single email will grow in the near future. In 2022, we will send 347.3 billion personal and promotional messages. If you automate the process, you might reach as a wide audience as your mailing list is with one click. Isn’t it worth trying?
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Email Marketing As A Strategy

Let’s look at what experts think of email campaigns as a strategy for their business.
  1. The average expected ROI is £42 for every £1 you spend on email marketing (DMA)
  2. Email is a significant strategic channel, according to marketers (91% rated important) (DMA).
  3. 81% of marketers use email marketing for customer acquisition purposes (Emarsys).
  4. 80% of responders use email as a retention channel (Emarsys).
  5. Once again, 72% of your customers prefer to receive promotional messages via email.
  6. 54% of marketers use cart abandonment emails to increase sales.
Marketing specialists leverage email campaigns to achieve short-term and long-term objectives. It might be a reminder about the abandoned cart to close the deal fast, or a well-planned campaign to acquire new customers.

Email Marketing And Content Distribution
  1. 93% of companies use email to distribute content (Content Marketing Trends).
  2. 77% of marketers use email newsletters as their content marketing tactic (Content Marketing Trends).
The email marketing campaign is the key channel for content distribution. Why? Your customers give consent to receive newsletters from you. So, there is a higher chance that they will open and read your email.
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Email Subject Lines And Metrics
Tracking the results of our email marketing campaigns is an essential step toward success. It allows seeing your weak spots and work on them to improve the outcomes. Email OR, CTR, and other KPIs might differ for each industry, but keep an eye on the average numbers. At Sendios, our A/B tests prove that emojis and personalization are indeed the right directions to follow.
Email Marketing And Brand Awareness
  1. 45% of internet users claimed that they avoided opening messages from unknown email addresses (Statista).
  2. 64% of customers open an email simply because they trust the brand (Marketing Charts).
  3. Marketers send email campaigns to raise brand awareness (47%) and build customers’ loyalty (45%) (DMA).
Would you like to make your brand as recognizable as McDonald’s, Apple, or Uber? Creating a brand is the goal every marketer strives to achieve. If customers know your logo and company name, they are more likely to engage with your product. The stats above prove that email campaigns help you gain customers’ trust and, as a result, increase OR just because they know you.

Email Segmentation And Automations
  1. 43% of all email campaigns are segmented, and 33% of them are automated (DMA)
  2. Mapping out the customer journey and personalizing content are considered the most effective ways to optimize marketing automation (HubSpot).
  3. Email campaigns segmented by user interests result in 74.53% higher click rates than non-segmented campaigns (MailChimp).
Competition is getting stronger with every second of your hesitation. Small and medium businesses gather as much relevant data about their customers as possible. With this information, you can create a well-targeted sales funnel and design effective campaigns for your target audience. Your customers like it when you want to know them better. It lets you offer them.

Marketing develops with the speed of a thousand gazelles. Hence, email marketing allows you to adopt new trends and design effective campaigns. Consider these stats to be the guidelines for succeeding in the industry, and look at your current results as the starting point.

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