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5 examples of welcome emails
What first impression does your company make on the subscriber? As we mentioned in the previous article, check your welcome email. It is the first interaction with your new potential customer. We can compare it to a handshake with a prospective business partner in the offline world.

How would you describe it?
  • Weak when you don’t even feel the hand
  • Strong as if somebody wants to crush your bones
  • Strong and confident
Each kind of handshake makes a different impression on the person. The same happens with the welcome email; it communicates your brand’s message and breaks the ice between you and a customer. The study shows that the average open rate for a welcome letter is 50%. As a result, it is one of the most effective types of emails. Marketers know this truth and use email marketing as a strategy to distribute their content.

At Sendios, we believe in the power of the welcome email. That’s why we will present examples from such industries as education, NGO, meditation, travel, and sports apparel.

Email marketing is affordable and effective. Hence, high education institutions and platforms with online courses leverage this strategy to increase enrollment rates or brand awareness. They build a mailing list and segment it into subcategories to make their efforts more efficient.

For instance, the University of California, Los Angeles, uses its welcome letter to tell more about its institution and present its offer to potential students.


  • Their copy is written in a friendly and respectful manner
  • There is an incentive to encourage students to enroll faster
  • The CTA is prominent and guides the reader to the next step
  • There are contact details and links to social media at the bottom of the email
  • They used the name personalization

What we’d offer to change:

  • Show some examples of courses the candidates can take
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Email marketing is cheaper than other forms of advertising. Although there still are barriers: lack of budget and difficulties with building an email base. Non-governmental organizations face this obstacle the most. Some of them are too small to have enough money to use professional email marketing platforms. At the same time, they try to get the maximum out of it, as this is the tactic that allows raising funds for future projects.

In this article, we look at Greenpeace. The welcome email they send differs from the previous one.


  • They send personalized emails (there is a name at the beginning)
  • They thank the subscribers for joining them
  • The copy is friendly and motivates readers to engage in volunteer activity

What we’d offer to change:

  • Change a plain-text format into a visual one. Add some photos or a video from the last events
  • Add some links or CTA that will propose the subscriber take some action
Meditation and health

Meditation is the fastest-growing health trend, according to the CDC. While North America dominates the market, it is the global tendency. Moreover, the meditation industry is expected to grow by 10,40% by 2027. There is no doubt that email marketing will be useful to maintain a connection with users. It allows us to distribute a personalized message to the whole mailing list by pressing one button—“send.”

The next example is the app for meditation Calm. It has a different strategy. Instead of welcoming and saying, “thank you,” the Calm Team congratulates users for joining them. Below, we tell you what we like about this email.


  • The first thing the reader sees is the incentive—a 40% discount
  • They congratulate their users on taking a step toward a healthier lifestyle
  • The CTA is noticeable and prompts the user to join the community
  • There are also links to social media

What we’d offer to change:

  • Show some examples of the meditation practices subscribers can take. It could motivate them to use the discount faster
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However, COVID-19 made some changes to our summer plans; email campaigns are still effective here. Everybody is curious how will the vacations look like now. The primary sources are the airlines, travel agencies, and renting services. It is essential to show new customers that you will provide them with valuable information. Below, we present the welcome message from Airbnb.

They remind us what Airbnb is—the community that connects global travelers with local hosts across the world.


  • They add information about the company
  • There are details about how users can interact with the platform
  • It includes photos that make the letter more readable
  • It is a freshly updated email as the receiver can get acquainted with the note about the coronavirus

What we’d offer to change:

  • Personalize email by name
  • Make the call-to-action buttons more evident (e.g., use contrast colors)
  • Add links to social media channels
Sport Clothes

When it comes to sports apparel, email marketing software helps to engage users. They notify them about new drops, discounts, and advertising campaigns.

Adidas is a good example. Its welcome email does not include much text, but has key elements.


  • It welcomes and says, “thank you” to new subscribers
  • The CTAs are black and well visible on a white screen
  • They offer the incentive—a 15% discount. And this part is yellow and catches the reader’s attention
  • There is the additional part—“Best of Adidas.” It presents what products their customers should pay attention to
  • They remind the subscriber about the mobile app
  • They place the links to the social media channel at the bottom of the e-mail

What we’d offer to change:

  • Add name personalization
Let’s sum up! These examples show that ways of creating your welcome letter might be different. But the huge advantage of email marketing is flexibility. You can craft the campaign according to your business goal and budget. You can start with a simple message like Greenpeace sends, and then move to more advanced options with visual elements and CTAs.

Remember, the sooner you start working on your email campaigns, the sooner you will improve your key product metrics.

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