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7 elements of a better welcome email
What first impression does your company make on the subscriber? To find the answer, you will have to check the first message you send—a welcome email. If your goal is to build a strong connection with your customers, this message is the fundamental step of your email marketing efforts.

What is a welcome letter?

A welcome letter is the first interaction with your subscribers after they join your email list. Welcome messages are a friendly note that aims to establish contact. It can contain videos, special offers, or your company’s values. But if you strive to improve your engagement rates, the welcome email is a must!

A well-prepared first message introduces your brand. In this article, we present seven elements your welcome email should include.


Look at the welcome email as the first meeting with a girl you like (or a boy). You have common friends; they mentioned you several times in front of her. Now imagine that you meet and... she knows your name. It feels good, right? The same thing happens here.

If you add name personalization to your email, it catches the attention and breaks the ice. The subscriber will have a more positive attitude towards your brand.
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Say, “Thank you”

Start your welcome email by saying “thank you” to new subscribers. It’s a simple gesture, but it means that you appreciate them, their time, and their commitment to your company. It also makes an automatic letter more human. Make them feel good vibes while reading the email!
Say who you are

A welcome email is a great way to help the subscribers learn more about you. Here you might help them learn more about the product and the company’s values. Explain how your brand helps others achieve their goals.

Why should you do it? Nobody knows your company better! And the potential customers should know it.
Tell them what to expect

Customers’ inbox is most likely full of emails from other brands. They remind us about the abandoned cart, offer discounts, and send weekly digests. That’s why you should explain what to expect from your newsletters.
How often will you send them?
What day can they expect to get a newsletter from you?
What news/recommendations will you share with them?
Will you notify customers about special offers via email?

Fit the expectation of your email marketing efforts to your business goals and possibilities. Promise what you can deliver!

Deliver a gift

Marketers offer lead magnets to get an email address from a potential customer. It might be a free e-book, a PDF checklist, a recent report from the industry, or a webinar. Lead magnets are effective as they deliver immediate value to the visitors and encourage them to subscribe.

If you offer the incentive, make sure you send the promised gift in a welcome letter. Otherwise, you might lose the customer’s trust.
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Ask them to whitelist you

You never know if email providers deliver your newsletters to the inbox or consider them to be spam. But you can ask subscribers to add your email address to their contact list (It is also called whitelisting). Mention that if they whitelist you, they won’t miss valuable information or special offers from your brand.
Add contact information

Tell your subscribers how to contact you. Add an email to your Customer Support Team, or add links to social media channels. Your customers will be able to share their feedback and feel more comfortable communicating with your brand.

Improving connection means improving engagement with email campaigns.
Below, you’ll see how to implement the tips and make your welcome email work.
Step 1. Use the name

As Dale Carnegie says, “A person's name is to him or her the sweetest and most important sound in any language.”

We agree with Mr. Carnegie and ask our subscribers for a name, if possible.

Step 2. Be polite!

We appreciate every member of our community because we designed Sendios to empower others with our marketing experience. That's why we thank them for joining us.

Step 3. Bring your business closer

Here we remind readers what Sendios is, and our goal is—to empower other marketers with our experience. As we said before, nobody knows your company better than the creators!

Step 4. Set expectation

We inform them that we will send newsletters every Tuesday, and they will learn more from our experts.

Step 5. Deliver immediate value

In this case, we offer a free guide to acknowledge customers' commitment.

Step 6. Ask for whitelisting you

The next action is encouraging subscribers to whitelist us. As a result, they will be the first to receive marketing updates from Sendios' team.

Step 7. Make contacting you easy!

The last step is to clarify that they can contact our Customer Support Team or follow us on social media platforms.

The successful welcome email inspires subscribers to read it. For instance, read rates are 42% higher than the average e-mail, while the open rate might reach 91%. Put some effort, create better campaigns, and you will improve your engagement rates with e-mail marketing!

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