Additional services enhance your performance!

We offer the spectrum of advanced features and our email marketing experience to make your strategy work better!


Sendios Validation tool examines your contact
list and helps you avoid email traps.
Here are some of them:


Avoid sending messages to spam- seeking tools
Spam Trap Detection
Spam Complaints
Remove contacts who send many spam complaints
Duplicate & Syntax Check
Identify faulty domain names or repetitive emails
Detect emails like [email protected] with high unsubscribed rates
Role-based Addresses
Examine email servers that accept emails from a domain
Mail eXchanger (MX)
Track contacts with temporary emails for junk email
Disposable Inboxes
Gain our full support and we will work out email design and content that suits your business goals. We’ve got you covered!

Content & Design Сreation

Create catchy and effective


Design a layout adaptive to all devices

Develop personalized design systems
Have a ready plan of actions for email campaigns

Have email content consulted with lawyers

Legal Consultation

Adjust funnels to your goals or segments
Email Funnels
Apart from basic reports, our analytics can prepare personalized insights and recommendations on how to improve performance
Custom Reports
Cohort analysis
See which segment of recipients is more responsive
Check how many emails you send to individual users
Individual approach
Track engagement rates and increase conversion
Product metrics
User lifetime
Monitor activity to keep retention and sales high
Segment customers based on previous purchases
RFM analysis
Keep an eye on email delivery rates and improve them
Delivery reports

Conduct A/B tests and assess different hypotheses.
Then use the results to make better decisions.
Experiment with:

A/B Tests

Test algorithms and adjust them for the segment
Discover the number and regularity of sends
Frequency tests
Find and use those email types that convert
Types of email
Play with brand voice, email structure, and its message
Email content
Visual parts

Try a wide range of templates and design elements
Ensure that servers and domains work properly
Switching DNS