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Artificial intelligence for email marketing
Living in the digital era looks like a sci-fi movie. You live in smart homes, Alexa plays music and orders products from Amazon, Facebook spots fake news and suggests to you what to read, drones can deliver medicines, and Netflix knows what you will watch before you open the website. You receive constant app notifications. Emails become more personalized, and ads are better targeted. Sometimes it seems like the Internet is spying on you and knows you better than we know ourselves.

All this wouldn’t be possible without artificial intelligence. Email marketing has a direct and cost-effective approach. AI grants marketers the power they have never experienced before. Now they have a huge amount of data at their disposal; they can structure it and find suitable exploitation methods.
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What is AI?

Artificial Intelligence is a technology that allows simulating human intelligence like learning and reasoning for business purposes. With AI, marketers gather and analyze big data and leverage it. Talking about email marketing, AI helps define:
  • What segment you belong to
  • What kind of email you prefer
  • How often you’d like to receive them
  • What time is most suitable for you
According to Accenture, $14 trillion of additional revenue and a 38% rise in profitability are expected from AI by 2035.

Before we move to the impact AI has on email marketing practices, there are two components you should learn.
Big Data

Email marketing is now a primary means of communication with customers. More and more companies leverage it to raise brand awareness and achieve individual business goals. As a result, users receive hundreds of emails every day, so you have to find a way to stand out.

This is the moment for big data. Companies gather a vast amount of information about customers, analyze it, and use it to create personalized messages and improve their products and services. Moreover, marketers analyze big data to discover patterns and trends related to human behavior.
Machine learning

Machine learning allows applying artificial intelligence that provides systems the ability to learn and improve from experience without being explicitly programmed automatically. The primary aim is to let computers know automatically.

Combined all together, AI, machine learning, and big data form one big body that operates to analyze information, predict human behavior, and construct purchase patterns.

Artificial Intelligence impacts the way we operate and intact with users. It provides marketers with insights and forecasts on what content will bring higher KPIs.

AI makes marketing processes easy and fast. It identifies behaviors and events for triggered emails, tailors messages for the best conversion, and sets up automated campaigns.

AI-powered systems can set up automated campaigns driven by customers based on what stage someone is at in the customer journey. It analyzes past purchases, interests, and browsing behaviors and launches campaigns that pursue one particular goal—nurture your leads.

With AI, you can determine what content and design will be more effective and deliver better engagement rates.
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Personalization makes the emails sound more humane. AI analyzes customers’ behavior and purchase patterns. It makes it easier to customize messages and tailor them to an individual subscriber.

As a result, you deliver content that resonates with your target audience. The sooner you start gathering data, the sooner you’ll be able to analyze it and work out personalized approaches to each segment.

Algorithms and data should be your best friends if you want to succeed in email marketing. Leverage your knowledge to personalize the content and even time delivery of future emails for each subscriber. You don’t need to hire more staff or increase their working hours, AI systems are designed to do all the jobs.

AI applications monitor current trends and purchasing patterns. Then they can segment subscribers into specific groups and provide marketers with valuable insights. Personalization is more comfortable with artificial intelligence, as you will understand their customers better with minimum effort.
Human-like content

AI grants marketers the knowledge and ability to generate better subject lines and CTAs. These two elements are crucial because subject lines are the first impression your brand makes on users, while CTA describes the campaign's primary goal and prompts subscribers to take the next step.

AI can pitch the best words and optimize content that sounds more humane and friendly. It analyzes the results and improves your campaigns over time.
Deeper analytics

Organizations keep big data, and AI delivers insights that a human eye might not mention. It not only shows the results of campaigns but predicts future engagement and potential churn rates. Moreover, 87% of current AI users are now using or considering using it for sales forecasting and email marketing enhancement (Statista).

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