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Best email marketing summer practices
Summer madness is almost over! It means that we are back from our dreamy vacations, and ready to check what email campaigns marketers sent in the last couple of months.

With email marketing, there are ways to provide customers with a more relaxed approach and maintain regular contact without annoying them. How? Adjust your email marketing campaigns to the mood we all pursue during summer – happy and easygoing.
Transmit the positive attitude

Living in a world full of limitations is exhausting. Especially during summer when we all want to travel and experience new emotions. Use your email marketing to give users hope and bring a bit of optimism. Aero encourages subscribers to stay positive and reminds them to plan their next trip. While the design layout could be more summer-ish, the content transmits optimism and support.
Leverage the power of summer

Warm colors, a road trip theme, light, and useful content… Everything we need during the summer months. Take care of your clients by offering them a list of activities, tips, or places to visit. You can provide them with any content that suits your business goals and provides value to customers. For instance, Vacasa created the dream road trip covering the best destinations from sunny SoCal to green Washington.
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Provide customers with options

What if somebody cannot travel this summer? Provide them with options, too. For instance, send them the best summer recipes, cocktails, or how to turn their homes into prestigious vacation spots.

Feather did it well! The design of the email below screams summer, starting with the design and finishing with its content. They made the list of items and created remarkable design ideas that would bring the appropriate mood.
Set-up holiday-related campaigns

Holidays are great occasions to boost your sales. Conduct research and choose the best upcoming events that would be the best fit for your business strategy. One of the examples might be the 4th of July. Your customers adore spending this day with their family and friends.

BRIT + CO sent out the message to help subscribers enhance their holiday spirit. The team gathered the list of items that would help them celebrate the 4th of July properly.
Use the ideas from this article to make your content calendar more diverse. Crafting themed campaigns keeps your subscriber interested in every email they receive. As a result, you boost the key product metrics!

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