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Building a successful business goes beyond gaining new consumers. Customer retention is also necessary. Companies that increase customer retention rates by as low as 5% get an increase in their profits by 25-95%.
So, how can you retain your existing consumers to grow your business?
We have the tools to achieve the goal quickly and efficiently:
Sends Algorithms
Our logics are customized by analysts and work based on the range of characteristics of each user
➝ Algorithms that work based on user activity on the product
➝ Personalized algorithms to predict the best time for sending
➝ Regular algorithms that run email campaigns every day
➝ AI algorithms to send emails and get the desired action
➝ Special algorithms for engaging users with low activity
Is a Must-Have
Email marketing platform that provides you with all reports possible. Control campaigns and make better decisions based on split tests.
➝ Get immediate updates on sends and other crucial metrics
➝ Monitor the number of confirmation and invalid emails
➝ Track the unsubscribe rate, discover the reasons and fix it
➝ Keep an eye on the level of customer retention rate
➝ Ask for any additional reports to improve campaigns

Segmentation: Divide and Conquer
Analyze cohorts and work out the communication style for particular users. Here's the list of criteria:
➝ Classic: age, sex, location, language
➝ Activity: registration date, last email interaction, last sends
➝ RFM: Recency Frequency Monetary
➝ Specific indicators for your product
➝ Your previous marketing campaigns interaction
Split-tests. Again, again and again
Constant hypothesis testing? It's easy with Sendios Team. Set up split tests to discover user preferences.
➝ Use ready-to-use solutions and tools for testing content
➝ Work out the flow of tests for different types of products
➝ Read professional reports to make better decisions
Expertise. Work with experts
5 years of experience in working with different types of products and audiences. Choose Sendios and we will...
➝ Conduct research for your product
➝ Implement new technologies for you
➝ Experiment to run the best campaigns
➝ Choose us and work with the team that knows what's doing