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Email marketing for real estate
The real estate industry is highly competitive. Buying a house is a long process that might take long years. Some look for information on their own, and others seek a perfect realtor. As a real estate agent, you might catch and nurture your clients during open houses, or you might choose a different way—email marketing.
Why email marketing is a good solution for you?
  • 67% of real estate agents send emails to their clients once a month
  • Email marketing has the highest ROI (3800%) of all digital marketing activities
  • 72% of consumers say they prefer to receive content by email
  • The average open rate for real estate emails is 19.17%
Email marketing is easily adaptable to different industries, and the real estate industry is not an exception.

Five ways to benefit from email marketing if you are a real estate agent
Reach your contact list

Email marketing is one of the most reliable tools in the digital era. You are in charge of who and when receive your letter. For example, if a social media post might reach only 30% of your audience, your email will be delivered to the whole mailing list. You can set up the best time for a delivery or tie it with a particular trigger and the client will get his email when he is ready.
Maintain strong relationships with each client

Email reaches your clients at the right time and at the right place. It feels like a one-to-one dialog with the client. Email marketing platforms allow the creation of highly personalized emails.

Building strong relationships with clients might seem like a battlefield, especially in highly competitive markets. Craft welcome letters to warm up the mailing list, send promotional emails in which you describe who you are and what your achievements are, or prepare holiday greetings. Feel free to get creative, use automation and deliver professional and entertaining content.
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Leverage segmentation

Email marketing allows you to divide your audience into several segments based on the desired criteria. These criteria might include age, location, sex, a new acquaintance or an old lead, etc. If you adapt your content to a particular recipient, you have a higher chance of closing the deal successfully.

Segmentation and personalization make your client feel special and have a tighter bond with you!
Build a personal brand

Emails are a great tool to build your professional image and close relationships with clients. Sending the messages that promote your brand is a good investment. It will build up your credibility and result in better deals in the future.
Educate your clients

Being a real estate agent means more than pitching houses. Use your knowledge and email marketing to educate your customers. You can send out letters about:
  • New homes available for purchase in their localization
  • Open houses
  • New regulations related to the industry
  • Advice on renting or buying a house
  • Mortgage beats and updates

The emails above will help you gain trust and build a strong connection with your clients. If you choose the right software and plan strategically your campaigns, you can achieve the goal faster. Improve your engagement rates with email marketing tools and stand out among your competitors.
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