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Email marketing gamification: 5 benefits
Do you struggle with engagement rates? Then, we have a great solution that will bring more fun into your email marketing strategy. Read the article to find out how to improve the key product metrics with Sendios.

The more popular email marketing becomes, the more companies leverage the benefits it offers. You can boost awareness, increase sales, enhance brand position on the market by just sending a regular campaign. As a result, customers receive more and more communications and get tired of the inboxes overloaded with boring promotional messages. Today, we offer you to get acquainted with a new and entertaining way to engage customers in your campaigns. What is it?

Gamification means the implementation of game-related elements into your messages. It starts from the usage of scoring points to organizing email content to creating quizzes. The crucial reason to incorporate gamification into your email marketing campaigns is higher engagement rates. Studies show that those marketers who use games get three times higher revenue. This is because recipients engage more, click more, and buy more.
At Sendios, we incorporate gamification for several reasons:

  • It entertains customers. Email is usually full of promotional messages or business letters. Nothing prompts that it is fun. Here games come to aid. If you spice up your campaign with entertaining elements, it might engage customers more.

  • It increases engagement rates. There are various metrics we measure, but the level of activity is essential. It allows monitoring the effects of our steps and changing or improving them if needed. If consumers spend more time reading your emails because they find it entertaining, they will be more likely to click the links, go to your website and make a purchase. A single email can generate up to 15% more website transactions.

  • It helps build the contact list and keep it active. Marketers often use freebies to collect email addresses, and it brings significant results. However, most users unsubscribe from brand communications right after they receive the free stuff. Gamification provides you with an opportunity to heat their interest and motivate them to open the next mail. If they open the next one, they are more likely to stay and become a loyal customer.

  • It drives cross-channel engagement. Depending on your goal, you can guide your recipient to fulfill a particular action. For instance, visit your website, check your Instagram profile, and share the quiz result on social media. As a result, you stimulate not only email marketing metrics, but also general business KPIs.

  • It's a low-cost approach. Email marketing is one of the most reliable and effective marketing tools we currently have. Traditional campaigns help you earn $42 for each $1 spent on it. When it comes to gamification email marketing, you can increase your ROI by 300%.
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Game Idea for Email Marketing Campaign

One of the effective ways to implement gamification is by creating a game with intuitive rules. Look at the example below. One of our clients, a dating platform, offers users to play The Faces game. The guidelines are simple – check a photo and press the appropriate button. It is a fun way to keep people on your message and engage in it longer.
Gamification can come in different forms and sizes. Start with incorporating entertaining elements like in the example and move to more complicated. It might be puzzles or fortune wheels. Remember, you can and should test any content you send out. This old and widely used approach allows not only boosting users' interest in your product. It also helps collect valuable data and adjust future campaigns to their preferences.

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