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Emails every marketer should send
Marketing offers you a broad spectrum of tools to communicate your brand’s message to your customers and build strong relationships with them. Starting from the traditional TV ads to SMM and email marketing. The latter is persuasive.

Email marketing campaigns deliver comprehensive results for companies all around the world. According to DMA, for every $1 spent on emails, you can expect an average return of $42. No wonder that 89% of marketing specialists use email as the primary channel of generating leads.

Whether you are an experienced marketer or a beginner, you might have noticed that your inbox is full of emails. All of them are alike and different at the same time. Today, we have prepared the list of emails every marketer should send to maintain a solid connection with their consumers. We’ve also gathered examples to make it easier for you.
The Welcome Letter

Any friendship starts with a friendly smile from a stranger. Consider a welcome email to be the handshaking that will bring you and your customers closer. This email should be friendly and welcoming. Say how glad you are to see them on board, give them more information about your product, and encourage them to learn more.

Planoly does a great job here! They thank users for joining and offer their guidance to those who need it. They also give them three different ways how to learn more about the platform and social media.
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Email campaigns provide value for those who do it right! Well-written email campaigns engage users with your brand and keep them coming back to you! Investing in email marketing is less expensive than traditional techniques like print and TV. What’s even more important? YOUR USERS LOVE EMAILS. 72% of consumers prefer to get promotional messages through email, according to the study conducted by Marketing Sherpa.

Regarding marketing, email marketing is your reliable friend who reaches a wider and already interested audience. As a result, you catch qualified leads. Emails also work well if you aim for sustainable growth over time. These and other points we are going to discuss today.

Let’s find out what benefits you get from a good email marketing strategy.
The Survey Email

This is a special type of email. Here you let your customers know their opinion matters. Send it and ask for their help, ask what they like or dislike about your product. But keep it short. Nobody likes long questions. As compensation for their time, you can offer a reward, e.g., a discount, a free guide, an e-book, etc.

Squarespace sets a good example. They send a survey email after somebody faces a problem with their product. They also ask to give them a hand and answer some questions to improve their service.
A small tip from Sendios team, add a reward at the end of the survey email. Your customers will be more willing to share their opinions with you.

The Receipt Email

The summary of the purchase is crucial. This type allows customers to review what they purchased, and all the details of the transaction. You can become creative here! Use it as an opportunity to remind them what benefits they get while using your product.

Thanks to the pandemic, we all know Zoom. This company sends receipts you should see. They not only describe the details of the transactions customers made but they also:
  • Say “thank you” to show respect and appreciation
  • Offer customers to learn more about Zoom
  • Confirm they are happy to help and make contact details prominent
The Anniversary Email

What brings people together? Holidays, special occasions, memories. That’s why you need to make a commitment and celebrate the bright moments with your customers. Sending the Birthday email and backing it up with a tempting-to-use discount is a must. Apart from that, consider creating the anniversary email that will remind your client what long journey you’ve had together.

The Lucky Date, one of Sendiose’s clients, sends the first anniversary. They say what has happened in the last year, encourage them to come back, and emphasize that not only other members miss the customer.
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The Rejoin Email

Keeping current users engaged and encouraging new ones to join your community is great. But taking care of those who are leaving might be a good strategy to pursue. Create
an email that will show what they miss if they leave now.

Scribd is the best example here. When customers cancel the membership, they send them a personalized email with books they might be interested in reading. And of course, place a visible CTA saying to rejoin and enjoy the unlimited number of books, audiobooks, and more.
The Weekly Newsletter

The newsletter is a well-prepared email you can schedule and send to the recipients on the chosen day. What to put inside? You can inform users what’s new has happened over the past seven days. If you have a company blog, send them the latest articles. If you offer educational courses, send them suggestions, or new classes to join.

SkillShare is the platform offering all kinds of classes. They send a weekly newsletter offering to discover popular courses and try new workshops.
The Social Responsibility Letter

This letter might mean everything to your company. Social responsibility boosts your credibility. It’s your chance to show what your brand’s values are. Do you support what customers support? Do you stand up and speak up to protect their interests? Do you offer them a better future?

One of the latest events we’ve experienced is the #BlackLivesMatter movement in the USA. The problem is difficult to ignore. Here was the moment for brands to make a statement. Calm managed it nicely! Below, you can check the email they sent. It says:
  • How they are feeling about this
  • What measures they are taking to help the community that is under threat
  • What support they are offering as a brand
Keep your fingers on the pulse of what’s happening in your community. Then create personalized love letters to show them you appreciate their support and share the same values. These seven types of emails are your short guide on how to stand out:
  • Welcome new users with a friendly note.
  • Ask their opinion on your product.
  • Say “thank you” for their purchase.
  • Celebrate special occasions together.
  • Gather data and use it for the good of your community.
  • Keep them updated on what’s happening with your brand.
  • Support them and their values.
And keep in mind, that email marketing is not just about pitching your offer. It’s about taking care of your customers.
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