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Example of gamification
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Customer attention is the prize we all aim for while creating content. Either it is a video on TikTok or a message for email marketing strategy. In the era of digital technology, it might be a challenge to overcome the competition. That's where interactive content comes to aid.

Interactive content is the content where users participate instead of just reading or watching. It might be polls, quizzes, infographics, videos. If you conduct an A/B test, you will notice that your users engage more when they receive an email with an interactive element. As a result, you improve the key product metrics and achieve your objectives:
  1. 93% of marketers agreed that interactive content is effective in educating its buyers;
  2. 88% of marketers said that interactive content is effective in differentiating their brand from their competitors;
  3. 81% of marketers agree that interactive content is much more effective at grabbing users' attention than static content.

One of the current trends in email marketing is gamification. You can learn more about the benefits of implementing games elements into your communications by reading our previous article “Email Marketing Gamification: Five Benefits.” Today we will show you three examples of such emails.
Dating platforms

Online communication is the most effective way of meeting new friends and romantic partners. In 2019, half of the U.S. people had met or know someone who had met a romantic partner via a dating website. A dating app provides users with basic information about a potential match and allows making a better choice.

With the growing popularity of online dating, more and more similar platforms appear on the market. Let's count together: Tinder, Badoo, Match, Elite Singles, JuliaDates… We can go on endlessly. Usually, users test different apps and try choosing the one that matches their expectations. Email marketing gamification is the tool you might want to consider if you're going to engage them and beat the competition. Below, you can see the example of implementing a game approach – asking a question and prompting a user to take a simple action “Like” or “Skip.”
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Educational platforms

The industry of mobile apps is developing fast, and one of the trends is educational programs. Did you know that 89% of smartphone users download apps, and 50% are used for learning?

However, it would help if you remembered that online learning demands a slightly different approach. Users face more distractions while studying with a mobile app — for instance, notifications from other apps. As a result, you should generate new and exciting ideas to reengage them and motivate them to go back to the app. Sending interactive emails is one of them. You can set up triggered campaigns that will bring them back. If you leverage game elements, you will intensify the studying process. Students feel more motivated and interact more often.

The example below shows how Words Booster uses the game element in their email campaigns. The approach is straightforward. They adjust a traditional game and encourage users to participate and keep learning in the app.
Digital libraries

People are actively switching to digital libraries, offering the opportunity to read books and listen to their audio versions. As a creator of one of them, sometimes you might struggle with engagement rates too. That’s why email marketing is the strategy you should leverage. For instance, it is not only an effective way to deliver transactional messages. You can also create special campaigns using game elements to encourage users to interact with your app.

One of the digital libraries is HeadWay. It offers 15-minute summaries of best-selling books. If you look at the example below, you will see how they implemented gamification. They add some mystery and appeal to users’ intuition.
Let’s sum up!

Implementing gamification is an effective way to create interactive email campaigns. With its help, you can improve your engagement rates and achieve marketing objectives. Sign up for the Sendios newsletter to receive news about email marketing.
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