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How to get started with email marketing and make it work for any business effectively
Email marketing is one of the most effective methods of attracting new customers and converting existing customers into brand advocates.

If you've decided to use email marketing to build brand awareness, improve customer experience, and drive sales, this article will help you understand why you should start now.
Email marketing: What is it?

Email marketing is an automated communication via email that encourages people to use a product again or take a certain action (like making a payment).

This is one of the main marketing channels that has a lot of advantages:
  • Over 4 billion active email users (Stсatista)
  • High ROI — $44 returned for every $1 spent (Campaign Monitor)
  • 40% more efficient than Facebook and Twitter in attracting a new audience (Сampaign Monitor)
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What are the main benefits of email marketing?

1. Increasing repeat sales
You are probably aware that acquiring new clients is more expensive and challenging than retaining existing ones. Emails can help in this situation by bringing people back to your product. According to a GigaOm study, 56% of participants believed email marketing is the most effective channel for customer retention.

2. Boosting brand awareness
Email campaigns remind customers of your brand. The more often they see your emails, the more likely they decide to buy your product. But remember that the adaptability of your emails plays a crucial role in the decision-making process. If your email is displayed incorrectly on different devices, this can negatively affect communication with users.

3. Driving traffic
You can include links to different website pages in each email. Your offer will become more captivating and stand out from the competition with the help of carefully chosen content. By doing so, you might increase traffic to popular pages or promote less-visited ones.

4. Automating routine tasks
Set up automatic email sending to stay in touch with your audience and keep them informed of all the changes. In reaction to any activities customers take on your product, you can send emails (triggered and transactional emails).

Examples of such emails:
  • Registration confirmation email
  • Welcome email
  • Abandoned cart email
  • Order/payment confirmation
  • Email notifications

5. Shortening sales cycle
Emails help make buying decisions. You can share a how-to guide or helpful checklist to motivate customers to buy from you.
1. Personalization
If you want to keep your customer interested, get positive feedback, or increase sales, you should provide a personalized approach. It allows you to establish loyal relationships with the audience.

By personalizing your emails, you can help your customers get the most out of your product. Here are some examples of how to do this:
  • Recommend products for specific segments
  • Send emails based on customer behavior
  • Include the recipient's name in the subject line

2. A/B testing is a crucial part
Always test important elements in your campaigns. It allows you to test the proposed ideas, evaluate their effectiveness, and choose the most appropriate option based on the information you get.

3. The better your email list, the better the performance
If you do not clean up your email list and remove inactive users, this can negatively affect the deliverability of emails. Additionally, by doing this, your metrics will show a more accurate picture. It's advisable to send a response email first after refreshing your list.

4. Segmentation for better results
Segmentation is the process of grouping customers that share certain common characteristics. It allows:
Create customized sales funnels for a particular customer base
Create personalized content that will motivate your audience to act

5. Follow the rules
Don't buy email addresses. If you do this, you can end up in spam, ruin the reputation of your domain, and, worst of all, you'll get fined by the GDPR. Always use double opt-in for subscriptions and do not automatically check the opt-in box for promotional emails.
What email strategies will be most successful for you in 2022?

We have prepared a list of recommendations that helps you to effectively promote your business through email marketing.

Some of these tips might seem obvious to you, but you should pay close attention to them if you want to get high results from your email marketing.
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Sendios case: How to win back customers and increase their payment activity?

We want to share this case to show how email marketing can help a business achieve the desired results.

Our client is a dating website that allows users to video chat with people from all around the world. Its main goal is to help people improve their knowledge of different languages and find like-minded people for ongoing communication.

The client team contacted us with the following requests:
  • Return users of the high roller segment to the product (the most active users based on the volume and frequency of transactions)
  • Increase their payment activity

Having received all the necessary information, we determined the goals of our future email campaigns and decided to use the following approaches:
  1. User segmentation (audience research and communication strategy development);
  2. Content personalization (creation of personalized emails for each user).

After considering the situation, we recommended using photos of the most engaging and active individuals who were online at the time emails were sent.

This made it easier for us to encourage customers to use the app again and connect with others who share their interests.

Additionally, we analyzed the best timing to send emails. We investigated two key theories:
  • Return of the user based on their last action on the product
  • Return of the user based on their most recent payment activity

Based on these triggers, we found the perfect time for sending emails to each user.

The absolute leader in terms of performance was the sending mechanism based on the latest activity on the product. The main achievement is the growth of ARPU + 4% in the test group.

By using this case as an example, we want to demonstrate how great email marketing can be for producing quick and effective results.

If you need assistance setting up all the processes, or you have questions regarding emails, we will be happy to share tips and tricks on how to make each step of your email marketing more effective.
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