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This documentation grants your developers access to Sendios API endpoints:

API info and PHP SDK
You can install PHP SDK

composer require sendios/php-sdk
Or make HTTP requests via cURL/any
Signing of requests via auth

$clientId = 123;
$clientToken = 'a1s2d3f4g5h6j7k8l';
$sendios = new \Sendios\SendiosSdk($clientId, $clientToken);

$ch = curl_init();
curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_USERPWD, '123:' . sha1('a1s2d3f4g5h6j7k8l'));

# console cURL
curl -u 123:957081746b54977d51bef9fc74f4d4fd023bab13

# 957081746b54977d51bef9fc74f4d4fd023bab13 is sha1 of clientToken (a1s2d3f4g5h6j7k8l)
How can I add a new contact to the database?
Use this method to transfer new email addresses to the database:

After sending the first email, you will transfer the necessary information to us:
  • User details (email address, name, country, etc.)
  • Email variables (purchase links, etc.)
This API endpoint is intended for emails that come from your side. For instance, confirmations of registration or payment.
How can I add additional parameters?
If you need any additional parameters (e.g. segments), use this endpoint to create new data fields:

Can I verify an email address?
Before sending an email, you can check or validate an email address via this endpoint:
If users enter an incorrect email on a landing page, they will receive an error code.
Is it possible to update the user status?
You can update the user’s online status via this endpoint:
How can I transfer information about previous purchases?
You will also need to transfer the information about previous purchases and payments, so use this method:
The fact of payment can be transferred in an easier way. When sending an email, you can just change the VIP value to “1”. BUT with this method, we will not know if the user bought the product because of the upsell funnel or not. We will only know that the purchase was completed.
What DNS settings should I enter?
To let us send out email campaigns on your behalf, you should use such DNS settings for the domain:
Will users be able to unsubscribe and subscribe back?
You can enable this feature by using this endpoint:
Will it be possible to unsubscribe partially from some email?
If you use this method, your users will be able to unsubscribe partially from some emails:
How will I receive email analytics?
It is also possible to receive analytics about events in email via webhooks: