The eBook "Email marketing for companies. What is the best way to start? The fundamental guidelines of an effective email strategy from Sendios”.

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Creating and implementing email marketing funnels for your product should be a top priority if you want to increase revenue without spending tons of money.

If you’re not fully utilizing email marketing for your business, and you’re looking to increase your revenue, we will help you.
We have the tools to achieve the goal quickly and efficiently:
Efficient funnels
Email marketing tool that guiding customers to perform the desired action
➝ Craft the funnel scenarios using different triggers
➝ Select segments and analyze each of them separately
➝ Conduct split tests at every stage of the funnel
User behavior analysis
Users have goals, too! Discover their reasons for visiting your product, purchasing, or paying for a subscription
➝ Find out what triggers your users to make a purchase
➝ Learn what is the motive for using the product
➝ Use the communication strategy for each segment