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Push notifications:
Benefits & Best Practises
Do you face problems with activity on your website or app? Do you want to change it and bring your users back? Then this post is for you! Push notifications are a powerful tool to retain customers and communicate your message to the audience. According to the studies, they generate twice as high Open Rate as an email marketing campaign.

Today we will discuss push notifications in more depth and answer two specific questions:

  1. What benefit do you get by using push notifications?
  2. How to upgrade your notifications to improve key product metrics?
Let’s start with the first one.
What benefits do you get by using push notifications?

At Sendios, we believe that if you know the advantages of push notifications, you will be able to leverage them better and set SMART business objectives.
Enhance user engagement
Push notifications allow you to keep users engaged with your product. Use them for sending real-time updates and reminders about what is happening on your website. If you are an online dating service, you can send alerts when there was a particular action:
  • a new like on their profile;
  • a new text from other users.

Tinder is a good example here. It sends real-time notifications about activity on users’ profiles.
Re-engage users
It’s nothing new that users download many apps and then don’t use it. I have downloaded several apps in my passion for learning a new language and have successfully forgotten about them. If you want to encourage non-active users to come back and make sure they see you, you can send specific notifications. For instance, Duolingo does a great job here!
They send a short motivating alert that is personalized to the users and adjusted to the day of the week.

Start your week off right! - reminding that it’s Monday.
Practice some Spanish… - mentioning the language I started to learn.
...on Duolingo - a short reminder to visit their app.
Raise brand awareness

Push notifications are also a good way to enhance your brand awareness and customer experience. You can send useful and educational alerts to maintain relations with users and build more reliable connections.

For example, Mediatopia sends notifications on an everyday basis. They are short quotes and daily phrases about mindfulness and meditation.
Reach the right audience

Push notifications allow you to communicate your message to people who already have known your product and agreed to receive alerts from you. They are already interested in your offer.

For example, push notifications from specific news portals. Usually, the reader chooses the one they trust the most and opt-in to get information from the truthful source. One of such examples is notifications from Business Insider.
Increase sales and conversation

Short alerts are perfect for communicating sales and new arrivals. Zara sets a good example. Every time a new collection arrives in the store, a new push notification arrives at the customers' phones.
Customers will be more willing to click if they get an opportunity to catch a bargain.
Push notifications are universal and can bring results for many industries. No matter what kind of notifications you choose or what type of business you run, the approach should be the same - responsible and customer friendly. That’s why now I want to present you five easy and magical tricks on how to upgrade your push notifications.
1. Personalization means listening!
Yes, again. Personalize your content and offer. Especially, such short pieces of information as push notifications. The data you gather about your customers is a valuable source of hints. With that in mind, you will be able to create the right content, choose the appropriate style of communication, and set up the perfect timing. It will make your customers more loyal and appreciate your messages. If it’s not enough, keep in mind that personalized push notifications get four times higher reaction rates than the ordinary ones.
2. SPAM means pushing!
Spamming users with unnecessary messages and sending them “too much too often” may lead to losing a valuable customer. Make sure your push notifications make sense for users and don’t distract from their duties. Excessive pushing might be irritating. Moreover, the information mentioned should be truthful. Don’t try to take in the customers by sending catchy titles that have no value.
3. Emoji means emotions!
Emotions are vital in interpersonal communication. That’s where emojis come to aid. They describe the mood of the message, humanize your content, and increase reaction rates by 20%, according to the study by Accengage.
4. Timing means caring!
Time is one of the basic but most important factors you should consider when setting up push notifications. Why? The time of sending can increase the reaction rates by 40%. So, who is your buying persona? Is it a student who has classes till 4 pm, or maybe a financial analyst who commutes to work every day at 7 am? Analyze your customers’ behavior on your platform and make sure they get your reminder when they are ready to interact. Otherwise, they will ignore all your attempts to get their attention, and opt-out.
5. A/B Test means getting closer!
Split tests help you know your customers better. Conducting an A/B test is the best way to upgrade push notifications and fit them to your customers’ needs. They allow personalizing your messages by adding appropriate emojis, choosing the perfect timing, and just finding out what is working for them.

To sum up, push notifications are a great tool to communicate your message to your potential customers. Your users are already interested in the product. Now you just have to craft a perfect notification to bring them back and finish the goal.

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