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Subject line means the first impression
Email subject lines play a crucial role in the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. The subject line is about the first impression users get when they see your email. It determines if they open the letter or not. Today, we will discuss creating subject lines that catch addressees' attention and increase your chances of having your email opened.

Email marketing has met much criticism and such offensive words as "spam." Younger brothers (SMM, influencer marketing, SEO) are coming on his heels. But it holds on, delivers valuable information, gives profits, and adapts to new marketing trends. For example, people sent 293 milliards of emails in 2019, according to Lifewire. This number will have increased to 347 milliards by 2023. Take a short break and imagine: the destiny of 347 milliards of emails depends on the first line—the subject line.

At Sendios, we conduct A/B tests for our subject lines every day. It is our way of improving KPIs, increasing deliverability rates, and understanding the audience. Here, I present vital trends and recommendations that you can implement right away.
Write short

Each email provider has its limitations for subject line characters. For example, fits +/-180 signs, and allows writing only +/- 155. We encourage you to write a line that has 120 characters, as brevity is the soul of wit. Also, 61.1% of users check their inboxes via smartphones. What does it mean? If your subject line does not fit the phone's screen, it will lose its significance, and you will lose potential clients.

Put the most important words at the beginning

Every day, we check our email inbox (work and private) and do it in different places or conditions. 70% of people open emails while watching movies, 45%—while taking a bath. If you want to keep your client's interest high, put essential words at the beginning of the subject line.
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Describe email content

We live in times when the inbox is overflowing with thousands of emails. They start with business offers and end with advertisements. Create subject lines that make it clear what users get when they open it. If an email offers a discount on your service, then the subject line should tell: “Open it and save money.”

Don't lie!

The rule our parents keep compelling us since our childhood is acceptable here as nowhere else. “Write the truth” comes up not only from the moral beliefs and ecosystem of your business. Legal documents also rule it (e.g., CAN-SPAM). As I mentioned in the previous paragraph, if you write about a discount in the subject line, there should be a discount inside. If the topic aims to trick users into opening an email, you might lose clients and destroy the business's reputation.
Make it personalized

Personalization is the key marketing trend and is getting momentum. Personalized ad emails generate 41% more unique clicks, and users open such letters 29% more often than ordinary ones.

Know your audience

Email marketing success depends on the understanding of your target audience and their needs. Do you know your audience well enough? Identifying your target customers is the step only a few people take seriously. What's the name of an addressee? What is their sex/age/location? What are their interests? Create a list of questions that will help you know users better and craft personalized subject lines to catch their attention.
Conduct test

Each audience demands a unique attitude and appropriate style of communication. To find out what exactly works best for your subscribers, you should test. There is no universal magic pill for everyone. No one can say for sure that a name in the subject line will increase your open rate by 100%. Test, test, and test again. It is the only way to find what your users prefer. We conduct A/B tests for our clients daily, create a distinctive manner, and select content for specific segments to make email marketing more effective.

Acquaintance with addressees of your email campaigns through the subject line is like getting to know someone in real life. The first seconds determine whether you like him or forget about him. Follow these rules, and your campaigns will start bringing results!

Email marketing is worth investing time and money in for companies that have just started their way. But also those that have already been operating in the field for decades. We believe in this and are ready to prove it to you! Write to us, and together we will take your business to the next level.
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