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the best way to perform with your emails
We’re an end-to-end customer communications platform with emails. With us, you can build great customer relationships every step of the way.
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Customer retention
Of course, users need your product. Leverage the power of Sendios, and show them the real reason to come back. Every. Single. Day.
Purchases & subscription
Do users know the whole package of product benefits? Show it to them via email campaigns, and boost their motivation to subscribe.
Communication with users
Personalized communication brings user loyalty to the table. Make them see the value of your campaigns and wait for them.
Delivery & reputation
Who needs beautiful emails if nobody sees them? Let us help you and take care of domain warm-up and reputation tracking. You'll be proud!
Solutions for email-marketing
Transactional emails
One-to-one communication—individual approach to every customer
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Marketing campaigns
Mass communication for specific user cohorts selected by completely different criteria

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Services for email-marketing:
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