One of the first steps to ensure engaged users is transparent and fluent communication. Users have so many options available to them, if your product or website seems stagnant, their attention will be drawn elsewhere.
We have the tools to achieve the goal quickly and efficiently:
Effective Strategy
Step 1: Conducting market analysis and competitor research
Step 2: Preparing types of campaigns for events on your product
Step 3: Describing tone of voice and the guidelines for communication
Step 4: Creating the plan of custom campaigns and email funnels
Email funnels that convert

Building email funnels according to your communication strategy

Step 1

Dividing clients into groups based on their interests and activity

Step 2

Conducting the analysis of

email funnels on every

step and in general

Step 3
Unique Content and Design
Part 1: Writing unique content for your product
Part 2: Working out a visual identification system
Part 3: Providing you with ready-to-use templates
Part 4: Offering highly personalized email campaigns
Tests. A lot of tests...

Conducting split-tests of templates

Part 1

Testing subject lines and pre-headers

Part 2

Experimenting with email design

Part 3