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Video email marketing
If you scroll through your social media, you will see that video content is becoming popular among young generations. And those generations make the future of the market! Millennials and Gen Zers dictate new trends and make us, marketers, adapt or lose. Today, we will discuss the implementation of video content in an email marketing strategy for 2021.

Before we jump into email marketing, let's talk about numbers.
We are mentioning social media platforms as they are usually the first to catch on to the latest trends among the youth. They continuously monitor and evaluate the users' behavior and adapt to it. While email marketing may differ, it is one of the most adaptable medium we have.
What is video email marketing?

Video email marketing is the campaign in which you use video content in your email campaigns. It might be a video your users can watch in their inbox. But markers also talk about video email marketing when there is a link to the separate page where you publish your videos (your YouTube channel, a landing page, a website).

However, some email providers might not allow including embedded videos in emails due to security reasons. You can still create a video thumbnail image and link it to a landing page where you keep the video.

Here are some ideas of video content you might consider adding to your email marketing strategy.
How-To Videos

If you offer a service or online platform, you can shoot a video showing users how to use it. For instance, if you provide a similar product to our Sendios marketing platform, you could make a video presenting your key features and how to use them.

  1. How to use your marketing platform?
  2. How to create your first campaign?
  3. How to set up a trigger campaign?
  4. How to conduct an A/B test on your platform?
  5. How to manage push notifications with Sendios?
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Holiday greetings

Not all your emails and videos should be about pitching your product. Sometimes you should give credit to your customers and maintain strong relationships with them. Holiday greetings in a video format could help you with it!

These videos might relate to:
  • Public holidays such as Christmas and Easter
  • Professional holidays (e.g., Social Media Day, Marketing Specialist Day, Social Worker Day)
  • Company's holidays (e.g., Company's Birthday)
Company values and culture

When a new potential customer subscribes to your newsletter, you can greet them by sending a welcome letter with a video describing your company values or culture. Such videos are compelling when your target audience is Gen Z or millennials. They would appreciate trust and openness!

In a welcoming video, you might include:
  • Your mission and purpose
  • Company's values
  • Products and services you offer
  • Features and benefits to your customer
  • And other valuable information you think is worth telling
Event announcement

If your company organizes an event (online or offline), make a video announcement in which you will show the key details, present the speakers, and invite your users to attend it. Your video might answer the following questions:
  • What is this event about?
  • When and where is it happening?
  • Who are the speakers and guests?
  • How to participate in an event?
  • Did you organize any events in the past?
Embedding video into your emails will improve your metrics. Younger generations feel more willing to engage with visual content. Furthermore, video is one of the biggest trends in 2020 that will only grow in 2021. Use this chance to improve your opens, clicks, and conversations.
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