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Why email marketing is must-have?
Email campaigns provide value for those who do it right! Well-written email campaigns engage users with your brand and keep them coming back to you! Investing in email marketing is less expensive than traditional techniques like print and TV. What’s even more important? YOUR USERS LOVE EMAILS. 72% of consumers prefer to get promotional messages through email, according to the study conducted by Marketing Sherpa.

Regarding marketing, email marketing is your reliable friend who reaches a wider and already interested audience. As a result, you catch qualified leads. Emails also work well if you aim for sustainable growth over time. These and other points we are going to discuss today.

Let’s find out what benefits you get from a good email marketing strategy.
Use personalized content

Email marketing allows you to create highly personalized content and target it to a particular segment.

Personalization can be different. It goes from mentioning a name in the subject line to writing emails based on users’ interests. For instance, our A/B tests show that such a small thing as the user’s name in the subject line brings higher OR (up to 50%).

Besides names, you can add images or GIFs, write emails for a specific age segment, etc. It doesn’t matter what information you used to make your email campaigns more personal, as long as they engage your audience.
Increase brand awareness

Email marketing lets you establish your authority. With well-prepared and well-targeted emails, you can build your brand awareness among the users.

Send letters that are easily identified with your company. Start with a credible sender name, and compelling subject lines, and add the brand identity elements (logo, colors, motto). Then, go to writing valuable content for the customer and send it.

Email marketing helps customers to learn and remember about your company. The more people know about you, the more credibility and popularity you gain.
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Increase sales and traffic

Email marketing is a smart strategy if you want to boost sales. Marketers say that for every $1 spent on email marketing, you can get an average return of $42.

There are different types of emails marketers send. If your goal is to increase sales, write an email featuring your product and put a prominent CTA to prompt customers to take their next step. Another email marketing method is sending a reminder to customers who abandoned their cart on your website. You can also send promotional messages to the customers and offer them a discount. All this will direct them to your site. As a result, you gain qualified leads and increase the chances of conversion.
Track results easily

Tracking the results of your marketing efforts is essential for every marketer. It allows you to see if the methods you use bring the desired outcome. With email marketing, tracking is easy. A platform like Sendios provides you with all the necessary statistics.

For instance, we have a panel where you can see the effectiveness of your email campaigns. You can see real-time numbers for OR, CTR, CTOR, unsubscribe rate, etc. You can conduct A/B tests and compare the results. The email marketing platforms do all the math for you!
Use automation and save time

Marketing automation is the trend you must follow. When it comes to automation in email marketing, the results will impress you. Triggered emails bring an 8-time higher open rate and greater earnings than regular bulk emails.

The most significant advantage is the ability to deliver messages when users have acted on the website. There are different kinds of emails and triggers. For instance, you can send:
  • Welcome letter when the user signs up
  • Survey email when the user makes a purchase
  • Anniversary message if the user has been using your service/product for a year
With email automation, you can save time, generate more leads, increase customer retention, and even shorten the sales cycle. That’s why 47% of marketers say that it is worth the price.

Collect feedback

Everyone likes sharing their opinion. Email marketing helps you collect feedback from your customers in the form of metrics and surveys.

You can ask if the subscribers like the particular email or send a survey email and ask for their opinion about the product. Give your customers the reason to share their opinion and design campaigns that bring better results.
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Create cost-effective campaigns

Email marketing is less expensive than traditional methods. You don’t need to hire graphic designers, look for a printing company, and pay for distribution. Email marketing services offer an intuitive platform and ready-to-use templates, so all the work might be done by one person.

If you don’t have the in-house resources to create and leverage email marketing, you can hire an agency. It might require a more significant investment, but it allows you to focus on more business-related questions. Contact our team to learn more.

Email marketing is the approach you cannot omit in your marketing strategy. It brings impressive results and sustainable growth. Send newsletters and trigger emails to build awareness, maintain relationships, or collect feedback to prepare more personalized content. All these elements will result in higher ROI and brand recognition.
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