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You should know this
about the survey email
Email marketing is an effective way to communicate with your customers. We use it as a tool to raise brand awareness, offer a discount, or send updates on your product. One of the most important features is to gather feedback from your subscribers. Here comes the survey email.

A survey email is a questionnaire you send to your customers. Basically, any email in which you ask a question can be counted as a survey. In most cases, you send this type of email to the customers to collect opinions and check if they are satisfied with the product or service.

Sending email surveys allows you to get valuable information from people who are using your product and are interested in a better experience.

This is also a great tool to:
  • gather responses from a broad audience as you wish;
  • send emails automatically after a specific action (e.g., a purchase on your website);
  • get sincere opinions about your product as most of the surveys are anonymous;
  • reach your subscribers on a channel they prefer.

Now we know more about email surveys and can dive deeper into the topic. Below you will find good examples of different kinds of survey emails.
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Surveys in a newsletter

One of the ways to create a better newsletter is to ask your customers if they like the current one. It is a great option for those who send updates regularly. For instance, Airbnb sent a usual newsletter offering to check places for trips. But if you scroll down, you will see a simple question, “Do you like this email?”.

Why is it a good example?

  1. It doesn’t require much effort from the subscribers. The only thing they should do is to press ✅ or ❌.
  2. You can find out what preferences your recipients have and craft more personalized letters next time.

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Single-answer question

Single answer or scale questions work well for survey emails, as they do not require too many clicks. Your survey may consist of this one question or might be the first step. It’s up to you!

Adobe used this option to ask their customers how easy was it to install their product. The subscribers should make one click and rate their experience.

Why is it a good idea?

  1. Still, it does not take much time for your subscribers. They need to make only one click—choose the star.
  2. You can follow up with the question—“Would you like to add some comments? What would you do better?”
At Sendios, we could implement this idea to ask you:

  1. How satisfied are you with Sendios service?
  2. How likely are you to attend the next Genesis Marketing Week?
  3. Why did you stop reading our blog?

You can find out opinions about your product or service in general, ask about their expectations and learn more about preferences. Feel free to ask anything that would provide your target audience with value in the future.
Survey with a reward

If your survey is longer, or you want to make sure that your subscribers will participate and give you feedback, offer them a reward. This way, you will pay them back for their time.

Kate Spade & Company used it perfectly! They invite subscribers to take a quick survey and get a 25% discount on their next order.
Why is it a good sample?

  1. The reward makes it more tempting for your subscribers to share their feedback with you.
  2. Urgency! The author of the email mentions that there are only a few days to participate and get a 25% discount. It prevents users from waiting for too long.

Now you know the basic but essential information about the survey email. What’s even more important? You’ve got acquainted with some examples, and now you are ready to implement some ideas for your company. In case you have questions, contact our Team. We are here to help you!

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